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Server Updated to 1.13.2

kai891 LegendOwner posted Oct 27, 18

See title.

Syhyronica what happened to fxmodder?
Syhyronica i hope its back for good
saarq kai what happened to the server? It just says "can't connect to server" so I don't know if s...

Server updated to 1.13.1

kai891 LegendOwner posted Oct 16, 18

Good news. I updated the server to 1.13.1

Bad news. Essentials hasnt updated so for now there will be no way to get back to spawn or set homes. You can still however, use your bed as a respawn point.

Other changes include the addition of grief prevention and a different tree chopping plugin (other one didnt update). Also the ranks have been added back but you don't get them automatically. You can ask me or poptart if you want your rank back.

Edit - Added plugin Gwarp to add the functionality of warps and homes. To set a home do the command /home set (name) and to go to it you can do the command /home (name)

Server is back!.... Kind of

kai891 LegendOwner posted Jul 14, 18

So I will be running a private server. It will be whitelist only and mostly vanilla. You can apply to be whitelisted up in the top bar. There is no griefing allowed and it's ip is There is no Herobrine for now....

Spiro Im excited
kai891 LegendOwner please send an application if you wish to get whitelisted
EmmaMoen ok, so u need to whitelist me so i can play, plsss My minecraft name is EmmaMoen.

Server Shutdown

kai891 LegendOwner posted May 27, 17

Unfortunately, due to lack of interest in the server and everyones busy lives, we have decided the server is going to shut down.  At the end of the billing cycle the server will close.  You can stay in or join our discord to get updates and keep in touch with us and all the people you have come to know.  At some point in the future we may reopen the server so keep a lookout for the possibility.  

Syhyronica i remember joining in 1.7 version and building my first house and then playing with scooterbear9
Future_Gamer123 I remember when i first joined this server in 1.8 and my name was sonicmeowser and me and scooterbear9 now known as Shad...
gminidog14 this Was My First ever Server and its so sad to see it go :(

The Server is working 100% now

kai891 LegendOwner posted Jan 23, 17

If anything is broken or glitchy please report it to me or other staff members. Remember, legitimate reports will always be rewarded properly.

kai891 LegendOwner First off this isn't the right place to ask that. Secondly he is unbanned for now.
saarq and along with alpha, was terrorizing the server
saarq You should be banned, you are (or friends with) alpha

Survival and Grief Prevention

kai891 LegendOwner posted Jan 7, 17

Survival once again has grief prevention but with a twist. Upkeep of $500 will be taken once a week. Towny has also been removed due to issues. If you are experiencing issues and want quicker help, then join our discord and message us there.

Bubblezwithaz Leaving

kai891 LegendOwner posted Dec 15, 16

Unfortunately Bubblezwithaz is being forced to step down by PopTart.  We have had many issues in the past and this was the last straw.  Bubblezwithaz has also requested we not use her "copyrighted" art so we have a new server icon and will have new staff pictures.  Since she was also running the old discord we have set up a new one for you to enjoy If you have any questions please leave us a comment and we will answer as soon as we can. Thanks for your dedication to our server!

Euguinn Awh man ill miss bubblez.
bobtheblueberry Slayer life goes on.

Towny change

kai891 LegendOwner posted Nov 9, 16

If you start a town by yourself there is now no upkeep. The second you add people to your town then you will have to start paying upkeep. Also grief prevention has been removed.

Raze_Soldier_12 A lot has changed since i was gone
Raze_Soldier_12 Well then
Spiro Oh well when i get on expect me too be farming tnt


kai891 LegendOwner posted Oct 14, 16

First, please Vote on the polls on the posts "Future of FH" and "Jobs". Secondly, welcome our new trial mod, LemonWatermelon! Third we have changed towny upkeep a bit so its based on how many players are in a town.

Players in town Upkeep Cost
1-4 $250
5-9 $500
10-14 $750
15-19 $1,000
20-24 $2,000
25-29 $3,000
30-39 $5,000
40+ $7,000

Lastly we have added grief prevention. You are only going to get a maximum of 2304 blocks or 9 chunks of land at the max. If you want more protected land then start a town. If you form a town ask an admin+ to set a claim around your town to prevent others from claiming it.

kai891 LegendOwner Sheesh can't even have a typo without someone commenting.
YeYe Does it matter? It's not like it has a giant mysterious story that tells how the universe began, it's just a s...
kai891 LegendOwner As opposed to what? "please murder our new trial mod" doesn't have the same ring to it.

Mod Applications!

kai891 LegendOwner posted Sep 18, 16

We are now accepting new mod applications.  We would like to remind you to be professional and to be as detailed as possible. We look forward to reading your applications!

Raze_Soldier_12 Please apply me for mod
ItsJustTrap Legend All applications are welcome and encouraged :p
saarq lol yep, cause you need discord
Throwback Thursday yall
If anyone remebers creeperbilbo thats me
Me too m8
Its been so long since i checked on the server and im happy theres a start to it returning
Woooooaaaah haven't been here in like a century, lol I bet like none of my bois are still around
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